SITEK works in different industries and different geographical regions, including Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus.

We wish to be closer to our partners and customers to advise, help and support them during the whole period of the project and the life-cycle of the equipment. This is why we provide full technological support and are always ready to answer all our customers’ questions.

SITEK experts will work out general specifications for development, manufacturing and supply of the equipment for your company.

General specifications determine basic requirements and recommendations for selection and application of the machine tool electrical equipment, automatic transfer lines and other industrial units newly delivered or modernized.

Application of General specifications provides:

  • Safety of the personnel
  • Working capacity of the equipment
  • Simplification of equipment management and service
  • Reduction of the nomenclature of the electrical equipment
  • Reduction of expenses for spare parts warehouse maintenance
  • Simplification of personnel training
  • Simplification of repair work

The company carries out guarantee and postguarantee service of the supplied equipment and information systems. SITEK service department has in its disposal the largest warehouse of spare parts in the CIS area.

We provide the following services:

  • Recommendations for selection of the equipment
  • Consultation about the equipment opportunities
  • Testing the equipment at stands
  • Removed diagnostics
  • Recommendations for fault removal by the customer experts
  • Fault removal at the customer by SITEK experts

Call us. Hot service line: +375 (29) 617-00-15

Training at SITEK centers

Technical experts of the customer can be trained to work on CNC machine tools in the company training center in Minsk.

We train:

  • Programmers and start up men
  • CNC service specialists
  • Operators of CNC machines

SINUTRAIN program is used for training programmers and operators.

Course’s duration is 3 – 5 days.

Training at the Customer

By the Customer inquiry SITEK experts realize technological training using a mobile class which simulates CNC work on personal computers.

The place of the programmer consists of a notebook, an educational keyboard and software product SINUTRAIN.

The course includes two parts:

  • Theoretical — in the training class
  • Practical — in a shop on the Customer machine tools

Call us and we will send you detailed training programs by fax or e-mail.

Sitek experts help customers use technological opportunities of the equipment to the maximum.

Technological support includes:

  • Development of technological programs
  • Adaptation and restoration of the software
  • Selection of the tooling
  • Optimization of processing rate
  • Development of screen forms for CNC
  • Development and installation of group technologies
  • Design of part processing technology