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The tendencies on the market of metal-working and the growth of production plans of the leading manufacturing companies have formed a considerable demand for new machines.

This became one of the reasons why SITEK has recently started the intensive work on development of new metal-cutting machine tools. Possessing highly experienced pool of technicians as well as profound knowledge of technologies we are proud to say that we design and produce new equipment that meets the requirements of our customers and current world standards.

The first project has been a new centerless lathe SI 380T, designed for the needs of titanium industry.

The project was launched in 2012, and gathered the experience of experts from Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Russia and Belarus. The new machine was made with a focus on the European level of machine-tool construction and was designed for machining of workpieces of titanium, as well as of heat resistant steels.

New modern equipment of world manufacturers is installed on the machine (Siemens, Rittal, Lappkabel, Balluff, SKF, Atos and others).

The machine is designed for turning bars and billets from titanium alloys and steel billets with diameter 210 ... 380 mm, length 3000 ... 6000 mm and weight up to 3 tons. The principle of its operation lies in a combination of two basic operations: rotation of the cutting head and the bar feeder.

The feeder performs the functions of the clamp and further supply of rods in the tool head. Feeders, located on the headstock, allow feeding rods by piece. Feeders are designed for 6 bars.

Technical characteristics of SI 380T
Parameter Measures of the parameter

Maximum dimensions of the installed workpiece:

Diameter range, mm
Length range, mm
Maximum weight, mm


Maximum cutting depth (side), mm


Roughness of the work pieces, μm

Ra < 1,6

Parameters and dimensions of the mechanisms:

Maximum spindle rotating frequency, turns/min
Maximum cutting feed of a bar, mm/min
Maximum rotational moment on the spindle, kNm
Capacity of the main motion drive (spindle headstock), kilowatt
Total capacity of the electrical equipment installed on the machine, kilowatt


Control system

SIMATIC S7-300 Contoller

Operating mode


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