Retrofit projects

Due to considerable experience and highly skilful personnel today SITEK has the full competence for carrying out complex retrofit projects.

Since 1995 we have gained considerable technical knowledge in retrofitting works, and today our portfolio includes all technological groups of machine tools. We constantly work on improving our services and opening new business horizons, both for the company and its customers. We carry out the projects on our own production area, as well as on the customer’s premises.

Vertical lathes
  • 1525F3 (SEDIN)
Heavy lathes
  • 1А660, 1А670 (KZTS)
  • P-SUT200TD/35M (Skoda)
  • KZ16173 (KZTS)
Centerless lathes
  • KZ9340, KZ9350 (KZTS)
Small-scale lathes
  • MDW10, 20 (Max Muller)
  • MD5S (Max Muller)
  • NF300 (PITTLER)
  • INNSE TP-200 (INNSE)
  • 16А20F3 (Krasny Proletary)
  • 16B16Т1 (Samara machine-tool plant)
  • RТ755F3 (Ryazan Machine Tool Plant)
  • 1P756F4 (Ryazan Machine Tool Plant)
  • 1740 (Ordzonikidze Machine Tool Plant)
Wheel lathes
  • UBB-112, 125, 150 (RAFAMET)
  • UCB-125 (RAFAMET)
  • KZ1836 (KZTS)
Milling machines
Milling machines
  • МА655С5H (SAVMA)
  • 65А60, 65A90 (UZTS)
  • 6В443 (ZFS, N.Novgorod)
  • DF824 (DZFS)
  • FKrSRS 500 (Fritz Heckert)
Bed-type millers
  • 4.2500 Р2Т2Р (Forest Line)
  • SV236F120CH (Forest Line)
  • RFP-6, FP-7, FP-9, FP-17, PFP-5 (SAVMA)
  • CFZ-16 (Fritz Heckert)
  • 6М310F11, 6М610F11, 6М616F11, 6М612F4, 6М616F4, 6М612МF4, 6М616MF4 (MZOR)
  • MS625MF4, MS628F1 (MZOR)
Grinding machines
  • TST-250-4R (TRIPET)
  • LSH220, LSH233 (Lipetsk machine-tool plant)
  • МА396F3 (Stankokonstrukcia)
Machining centers
  • CW500, CW800, CW1000 (Fritz Heckert)
  • М240В (Mecof)
  • Model System (Mecof)
  • DGT-2 (Mecof)
  • Horizon 3, 4, 24 (OLIVETTI)
  • Multi Auctor (OLIVETTI)
  • PFZ-2000 (KOLB)
  • IR-500, IR-800 (StankoGomel)
  • VH-AR-50, VH-FR-50KW
    (Waldrich Siegen)
  • 2206VMF4 (VISTAN)
  • IS800 (IZTS)
Drilling and boring machines
Boring machines
  • BKoZ 900x1400, BKoZ 1400 х 2240 (Mikromat)
  • 2А656F11 (Sverdlov)
  • 2V623PMF4, 2V622F4 (Sverdlov)
Drilling machines
  • B630N (Oerlikon-Boehringer)
Planing machines
  • 7210, 7212Г, 7216, 7216Г (MZOR)
  • 7B212Г, 7B216, 7B216Г (MZOR)
  • 7А116, 7А212, 7А216 (MZOR)
  • 7А256 (NZTS)
  • 7G220 (NZTS)
  • NS330 (NZTS)
Broaching machines
Horizontal broaching machine
  • 7A534 (MP1-945-001)
    (Kirova Machine Tool plant)
Cutoff machines
  • MP6-1515 (Kirova Machine Tool plant)

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