New machines

Today SITEK not only provides the services in retrofit, but also supplies new metal-cutting machines for the industrial plants.

We aim at satisfying all the possible needs of our customers concerning industrial equipment, taking into consideration their budgets; therefore we have supply machines after retrofit, of our own production, or produced by the Belarusian machine-tool plants.

Supply of new machines

Our highly professional personnel are providing the support for the customers to help them choose the machine to meet their requirements. Moreover, all the supplied equipment meets the modern standards.

We supply machine tools after retrofit for the companies that cannot withdraw their machines from the production circle, or need a very particular machine with the given technical requirements, which lets us find the needed structure on the market and upgrade it. Furthermore, the cost of a retrofitted machine is much lower than buying a new one.

The production of our own machines started in 2012 with a centerless lathe SI 380T for the titanium industry. The first machine has already been commissioned, and is involved in the processing of titanium billets.

When producing our own metal-cutting machines we rely on European experience and work together with our colleagues in Germany, Italy and Slovakia, which allows us to receive the best quality.

Being a dealer of the leading Belarusian machine tool plants, we offer our customers complete service on the supply of new machines produced in Belarus, including transportation and assembly.

We always take into consideration the customer’s technical needs and choose the machines that best fit their requirements.

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