Overhaul and retrofit

SITEK specializes in retrofit of unique metal-cutting machine tools.

Due to considerable experience and highly skilful personnel today we have the full competence in carrying out complex retrofit projects.

Aiming at ensuring the machine’s effective operation not only do we install new CNC-systems, but also perform all types of mechanical works on the machine, as well as replace the worn-out parts and systems.

Капитальный ремонт

We provide our customers with a full set of services performed on the machines:

  • Inspection
  • Disassembly and flaw detection of the machine tool
  • Designing
  • Repair of mechanical units
  • Replacement of hydraulics and lubrication systems
  • Software development
  • Complex replacement of a control system (CNC)
  • Mechanical assembling of units and details
  • Electric assembling of the machine tool
  • Setting up
  • Checking-up of the machine precision
  • Machining of a sample detail
  • Training of the technical personnel
  • Technological support and warranty service

We ensure that our customers receive first class services, as well as get modernized equipment in short terms and of high quality. Owing to our large pool of technicians the possibility to apply current technologies and perform efficient retrofits comes true.

Our key benefits such as own production floor space, experienced technical personnel, quick response to the inquiries and performance of complete solutions are the prerequisites for our success and the success of our customers.

Any questions? Call us +375 (17) 335-45-34  or write an e-mail to info@sitek-group.ru. We always ready to help you!